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notonmyspace's Journal

Tony Stark [Iron Man]
16 June 1980
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Muse Name: Tony Stark
Fandom: Iron Man [Movieverse]
Played By: Robert Downey Jr.
Age: 35
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Net Worth: Don't ask

Bio: Tony is the CEO of Stark Industries and inventor of the Iron Man armor. After living through a terrorist attack and the fight with Iron Monger, Tony began working with SHIELD to find people for the Avenger Project and fought beside them during the Battle of New York. Saving the world from a missile he fell through a portal that led him to Torchwood and his husband and wife Jacklyn Harkness and Ianto Jones.

[I am not RDJ and make no claim as such, this is just a roleplaying journal for fun. Both Muse and Mun playing him are over 18 years old and this journal may feature adult situations.]